Transfer Your Rego

Want to Transfer Your Rego?

You have already registered but cannot cum? You may sell or transfer your rego here. Contact us with these details : Your Rego No, Name, Hash Name, Hash Chapter, Email add, Price, and any notes.

Completing seller and buyer process:

Once you have come to an agreement between buyer and seller, please take the following steps to complete your registration transfer.

Seller to the Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017 committee:

Letter of authority that contains authorisation of transfer of registration including the payment status and signature. It is a must, as proof of “I MEAN IT’!!! Only fully paid regos may be transferred.

Seller to Pan Asia Hash Korea 2017 committee:

Complete online registration Pay any outstanding payment balance (if registration was not fully paid)

The Interhash committee will then:

Process the registration. Seller’s status will become “TRANSFERED”. Buyer will be given new registration number and status based on the rego completeness. Email buyer about new registration number, status & registration bar code

The buyer‘s action after receiving the information:

Come to the registration check in bring along registration bar code & ID for authentication & registration. Have fun