Transfer Your Rego

Want to Transfer Your Rego?

You have already registered but cannot cum? You may sell or transfer your rego here.
Buyer is required to fill up a new Registration form. Download it from here. Make sure every detail is filled in and write clearly please, esp your email add.

Completing seller and buyer process:

Once you have come to an agreement between buyer and seller, buyer needs to

1. Fill up the new Transfer Form, sign & date the form.

2. Seller needs to fill up his details in the red box at the bottom of the form, sign and date it.

Either one may email the filled up form to

What if the seller is in Timbuktu and buyer in Goa? No issues at all.

Buyer download the form from the link above, fill it up and email it to the same email address above.

The seller then MUST sent a separate email to us instructing us to transfer the registration (state yr Rego #) to the new buyer. Buyer’s name must be clearly spelt out.

Only fully paid regos may be transferred.
The Pan Asia Hash committee is not responsible for any payment transaction. So long as we receive a written instruction (only via written on the form itself or email. Whatsapp & SMS msg are NOT acceptable) from the seller, to transfer, the transfer will be carried out irrespective of payment has been or not received. So please make sure you sort that out before instructing us to do the transfer.

Any transfer done after 01/07/2017 buyer takes over seller’s shirt size. No quarrels please.